Tarot Reading

The Wyrding Way offers two levels of readings. The Basic reading is a standard Celtic Cross; the perfect layout to delve into the heart of most issues. Deluxe readings consist of personal layouts to deep dive into specific types of insights.



The Greater Futhark runes examine problems with a perspective of promoting internal growth. The stones will define the situation, the challenges you face, suggested action to take, the energetic cost of resolving the situation, and a possible outcome based on completion of the suggested action. A brief but insightful reading that can stand alone or, when purchased separately, can be used to enrich a larger tarot spread.


Distance Reiki

This is a full-body distance Reiki session performed by a Reiki master. Upon completion of the energetic healing session, you will be mailed a detailed report containing all downloads received during the healing session, plus the body chart used as a point of focus to channel healing energies to you. You will also receive a loaded candle imbued with herbs designed to balance the corresponding chakras requiring energetic healing.