Distance Reiki


This is a full-body distance Reiki session performed by a Reiki master.

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The healing session will be performed within 10 business days after receiving your order and confirmed with an email notification. Upon completion of the energetic healing session, you will be mailed a detailed report containing all downloads received during the healing session, plus the body chart used as a point of focus to channel healing energies to you. You will also receive a loaded candle imbued with herbs designed to balance the corresponding chakras requiring energetic healing. It is recommended to burn it at least 5 minutes at a time once daily over the next 7 days after you receive the candle. Always practice good candle safety- never leave the room when a lit candle is burning, and do not consume alcohol while a candle is lit. Please allow extra time for delivery of your post-session package.

Our Payment processor accepts all major debit and credit cards. (Available in the U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, France, Spain, and Ireland)

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